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Bundlr provides the tools you need to incorporate quick, reliable, and decentralized storage into your applications. With just a few lines of code, you can connect to a node, pay a small fee and upload data. You pay once and then feel confident your data will be readily available for a minimum of 200 years.

Bundlr is built on top of Arweave and currently handles over 90% of all transaction volume for the blockchain. Bundlr greatly simplifies the process of uploading data to Arweave by allowing you to pay in any one of 14 different currencies including ETH, MATIC, and SOL. Additionally, Bundlr streamlines the developer experience by giving you instant access to uploaded data. Through optimistic finality, developers avoid waiting time on finalization.

Bundlr is infinitely scalable and has been tested at 50,000 transactions per second.

Bundlr is:

  • Performant: Bundlr provides instant data upload and retrieval.
  • Scalable: There are no limits to how many transactions Bundlr can simultaneously support.
  • Seamless: Bundlr can be integrated with just 3-4 lines of code and paid for in one of fourteen supported tokens. And, you don’t need any permissions to build on top of it.