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Use our SDK and start storing data permanently with 3 lines of code.

  • Connect to a Node

    const bundlr = new Bundlr("https://node1.bundlr.network", "matic", "polygon-private-key");
  • Fund a Node

  • Upload your Data, Forever



Unlock the potential of Bundlr's technology

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How Bundlr solves leading data challenges

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Bundlr's core capabilities

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Bundlr 101

  • Bundles

    A bundle is a group of transactions

  • Bundlr & arweave

    Bundlr makes Arweave easier to use

  • Gateways

    Gateways are responsible for indexing, serving, and making data available to users

  • Optimistic cache

    Optimistic caching makes your uploads instantly available

  • Receipts

    Receipts give you cryptographic proof of the exact time a transaction occurred

  • Transaction lifecycle

    Understand each step of the process as a transaction is processed by Bundlr

  • UDL & bulders

    Understand unique opportunities the UDL opens up for builders