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Uploading A Folder

Use the upload-dir command followed by a file name to upload a directory. The CLI will respond with a manifest id that can be used to query the network for the uploaded files.

Required option flags:

bundlr upload-dir <directory_name> -h <node_address> -w <wallet_file> -c <currency>
bundlr upload-dir imagesFolder -h -w wallet.json -c arweave
> Uploaded to

Files uploaded via upload-dir can be retrieved in one of two ways.

Creating an URL with the format[manifed_id]/[original_file_name]. Creating an URL using the transaction ID of each individual file uploaded with the format[transacton_id]

After a successful folder upload, two files are written to your local project directory [folder_name].csv and [folder_name].json. Looking at the example below highlighting a folder called “llama_folder” with a total of 5 files in it. The transaction id for each file can be used to retrieve the uploaded data by forming an URL with the format]/[transaction_id]