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The command bundlr help returns a list of all commands and option flags.

bundlr help
-h, --host <string> Bundlr node hostname/URL (eg
-w, --wallet <string> Path to keyfile or the private key itself (default: "default")
-c, --currency <string> The currency to use
--timeout <number> The timeout (in ms) for API HTTP requests - increase if you get timeouts for upload
--no-confirmation Disable confirmations for certain actions
--multiplier <number> Adjust the multiplier used for tx rewards - the higher the faster the network will process the
transaction. (default: "1.00")
--batch-size <number> Adjust the upload-dir batch size (process more items at once - uses more resources (network, memory,
cpu) accordingly!) (default: "5")
--debug, -d Increases verbosity of errors and logs additional debug information. Used for troubleshooting.
(default: false)
--index-file <string> Name of the file to use as an index for upload-dir manifests (relative to the path provided to
--provider-url <string> Override the provider URL
--contract-address <string> Override the contract address
--content-type <string> Override the content type for *ALL* files uploaded
--remove-deleted Removes previously uploaded (but now deleted) items from the manifest
--force-chunking Forces usage of chunking for all files regardless of size
-v, --version Gets the current package version of the bundlr client
--help display help for command

balance <address> Gets the specified user's balance for the current Bundlr node
withdraw <amount> Sends a fund withdrawal request
upload <file> Uploads a specified file
upload-dir <folder> Uploads a folder (with a manifest)
deploy <folder> (DEPRECATED - use the functionally identical 'upload-dir' instead.) Deploys a folder (with a
manifest) to the specified bundler
fund <amount> Funds your account with the specified amount of atomic units
price <bytes> Check how much of a specific currency is required for an upload of <amount> bytes
help [command] display help for command