Querying & downloading

Querying & downloading

When a transaction is uploaded to Bundlr, its header and data are stored separately (as explained in transaction lifecycle).

Contained within the header is the transaction metadata, this is available for querying via a REST API and GraphQL.

Data is available for downloading via gateways.

Querying metadata

Bundlr supports adding custom metadata tags to each upload, these tags allow users to build semi-relational data models, all queryable via GraphQL.

Tags can be used to:

  • Categorize transactions, making it easier to search for and retrieve relevant information using GraphQL
  • Build provenance chains for Proof Of Provenance applications
  • Inform web browsers how to render image files

Downloading data

The transaction id returned when uploading data is used to generate an URL you can use to download the data.

The format used is[transaction_id]. For example