Install our SDK and upload data to the permaweb in just a few steps. For full details on each function see our SDK documentation.


To install our SDK, make sure you have a current version of node (opens in a new tab) installed first.

1: Install the SDK

via npm

npm install @bundlr-network/client

or yarn

yarn add @bundlr-network/client

2: Connect to a Bundlr node

const polygonPrivateKey = "6d779d4..."; // your private key
const bundlr = new Bundlr("", "matic", polygonPrivateKey);

3: Fund your node (to pay for uploads)

const response = await;

4: Upload data

const dataToUpload = "GM world.";
const response = await bundlr.upload(dataToUpload);

Step 5: Download data

console.log(`Data Available at =>${}`);