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What is Bundlr Network?

Bundlr makes decentralised, permanent data storage fast and easy by enabling multi-chain support for Arweave. Arweave is the only decentralised data chain where data is stored forever. Bundlr increases the amount of transactions conducted on Arweave by 4000% without sacrificing security or usability, and is around ~3000x faster at uploading data.

Bundlr is infinitely scalable, and its technology allows users to access permanent data storage with instant and guaranteed transaction finality. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche.

How does Bundlr work?

Bundlr Network comprises nodes (known as bundlers), which are used to bundle multiple layer 2 transactions into a single Arweave (layer 1) transaction. Each will periodically submit these bundles to the main Arweave network. Once a user submits a valid transaction to a bundler, they receive a receipt which acts as a financial commitment that the data will be seeded on layer 1 within an n number of blocks (where n is defined in the receipt). Seeding is handled automatically by Bundlr.

Validators ensure data is uploaded correctly, by the block cutoff period defined in the receipt.