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A set of Bundlr transactions joined into a single Arweave transaction


A bundler is a node on Bundlr that receives Bundlr txs, handles payment channels and produces bundles


The client is a lightweight API layer that supports Bundlr transaction creation and allows applications to communicate with Bundlr via simple HTTP APIs.


A period of time within the network (currently set to ~30 minutes)


A single item sent my a specific address, which usually contains a data payload

Transaction receipt

A financial proof that a Bundlr transaction gets on to Arweave by an expected block. The transaction receipt format is

idTransaction id
blockMax block the tx will be in by
currencyTransaction fee currency
sizeRaw transaction size
feeTransaction fee in currency atomic units
validatorsList of co-signing validators
signatureThe signature proof of from a bundler
validator_signaturesSignature proof of validator registration


A node on the network which will aggregate transactions within a block period and validate each item has reached the chain.