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Welcome to Bundlr's docs!

Bundlr makes web3 data storage accessible by making it as fast, easy, and reliable as traditional data storage. Our goal is to allow everyone both in and out of web3 to benefit from decentralized, permanent data storage.

What challenge are we solving for?

Data storage on web3 is a burden as solutions are slow, unreliable, and difficult to manage. The ones that are fast and easy, aren’t truly decentralized despite what they might say. Millions have missed out on the benefits of web3 storage, such as data permanency, unparalleled security, and resistance to censorship.

Web3 storage must be made faster, easier, and more accessible, otherwise few will take advantage of this incredible technology.

How does Bundlr solve for this?

We are a multi-chain solution for Arweave, the only truly decentralized, permanent data storage solution. Our technology makes accessing and using Arweave’s data storage solution, as fast, easy, and reliable as accessing traditional data storage solutions such as cloud. True decentralization: From the moment your data is on Bundlr, it is always stored on a decentralized platform that is both incentivized and distributed. This ensures that the blockchain does not have one person or a group of people with a high amount of control, which makes all individuals are equal and no special privileges given to specific users

  • Blockchain agnostic: Use any major blockchain to access Bundlr, and pay in any major token including ETH, SOL, AVAX, and MATIC
  • Ease of use: not only is Bundlr easy to integrate on any platform and use, but it is also accessible by any blockchain and accepts any token
  • Reliability: Once uploaded to Bundlr, your data is instantly available, and guaranteed to be permanently store on web3
  • Scalability: Since our launch, we have increased the number of transactions on Arweave by ~3000% and currently, we account for over 90% of all data uploaded
  • Pay once, stored forever: Pay once and your data is stored forever. No monthly fees.