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Register your validator

Next, you need to join the network.

Before starting this, make sure you've claimed some testnet $AR and $BNDLR from our faucet.

The CLI requires NodeJS version 16.5+ (check with node -v)

Check your balance

Check that your account has received the tokens from the faucet:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest balance <address>

The faucet will give you exactly enough tokens to stake for one validator.

Join testnet

To join your validator to the testnet, run the following:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest join <validator-contract> -w <path-to-wallet> -u <validator-url>
The curent (testnet1) validator contract address is RkinCLBlY4L5GZFv8gCFcrygTyd5Xm91CzKlR6qxhKA
You must use a domain or static IP. Dynamic IPs will cause your validator to become undiscoverable.


npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest join RkinCLBlY4L5GZFv8gCFcrygTyd5Xm91CzKlR6qxhKA -w wallet.json -u
If the stake (-s) option is ommited, the cli will default to the minimum required stake (in atomic units)

You will now have joined the validator network!

Check join status

You can check if your join was successful by running the command:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest check <validator contract> <address>

If the join was unsuccessful, you should still have the balance required to try joining again.

it may take some time for your validator to be chosen for an epoch. Testnet I has ~30 min epochs.