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Testnet CLI commands

The testnet CLI has many functions designed to allow you to interact with the testnet.

The CLI requires NodeJS Version (check with node -v) to be v16.5+

Check your balance

To check the testnet token balance of address, run:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest balance <address>

Transfer tokens

To transfer amount testnet tokens to address, run:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest transfer <amount> <address> -w path/to/wallet.json

Join testnet

To join your validator to the testnet, run:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest join <validator-contract> -w <path-to-wallet> -u <validator-url>
You must use a domain or static IP. Dynamic IPs will cause your validator to become undiscoverable.


npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest join RkinCLBlY4L5GZFv8gCFcrygTyd5Xm91CzKlR6qxhKA -w path/to/wallet.json -u
If the stake (-s) option is ommited, the cli will default to the minimum required stake (in atomic units)

The curent (testnet1) validator contract address is RkinCLBlY4L5GZFv8gCFcrygTyd5Xm91CzKlR6qxhKA

Check join status

To check that address is a validator in validator contract, run:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest check <validator contract> <address>


To leave a specific validator contract and reclaim your stake, run:

npx @bundlr-network/testnet-cli@latest leave <validator contract> -w path/to/wallet.json
you will be unable to leave if your validator is nominated (active) in the current epoch.