Bundlr has three nodes. Uploads to node 1 and node 2 are permanent. Uploads of less than 100 KiB are currently free on node 2.

Node 1 and Devnet support bundling and Proof of Provenance, Node 2 supports bundling only.

  • https://node1.bundlr.network
  • https://node2.bundlr.network
  • https://devnet.bundlr.network


Uploads to Bundlr's Mainnet are finalized on Arweave where they inherit the L1's guarantees of permanence. Your upload will remain accessible at all times, even if Bundlr is no longer available.

Uploads to the Mainnet can be paid for in any of the 14 tokens we support.


Uploads to Bundlr's Devnet are kept for roughly 60 days. The Devnet is for building and prototyping projects along with learning our SDK.

Chain Integrations

Bundlr is multichain, supporting both paying for uploads with 14 tokens and signing that upload using the token’s cryptography. The signature type used to sign a transaction is tracked at the transaction-level.