Bundlr’s uploading service makes adding permanent decentralized storage on Arweave to your dApp simple and seamless.

Integrating Bundlr is quick, with just 3-4 lines of code required.

When uploading to Bundlr, users have the option of receiving a signed receipt, this receipt includes an immutable timestamp, accurate to the millisecond. This timestamp is the central component of Proof Of Provenance, providing a full history of data’s evolution. For applications whose security depends on the order of transactions, you can verify the accuracy of the receipt to ensure the transaction order has not been tampered with.

Users don’t have to wait for uploads to be confirmed and seeded on Arweave. Once uploaded, Bundlr’s optimistic finality guarantees each transaction will be confirmed on Arweave for at least 50 blocks and also seeded to multiple reputable miners. This is further detailed in transaction lifecycle.

Bundlr’s upload performance is on par with traditional Web2 providers, with upload times as low as 8 milliseconds and the ability to scale to millions of transactions per second.

Bundlr supports paying with 14 different tokens, including ETH, SOL, and MATIC, making it easy for users to sign and pay for storage.

With intuitive documentation and an easy-to-understand SDK, Bundlr makes storing data on Arweave accessible and developer-friendly.