Permanent data

Permanent data

Web3 data storage on Arweave is decentralized and permanent. It is the only data chain that offers this solution.

When data is uploaded, the nodes are incentivized to store the data permanently, so there is never a risk of it being deleted. Since your data is stored across multiple nodes, even if one of the nodes is destroyed or dropped from the network, the remaining nodes ensure that your data is still accessible. This means that your data is highly resistant to deletion, corruption, and censorship.

Because the network is decentralized means that the data is not stored in one central location, where it is significantly more resilient to hacks and malicious attacks. Outages are extremely rare since they are generally caused by physical altercations with centralized servers such as power outages. Additionally, the data is not owned by a single entity, therefore there is no singular body that can change the data or block you from accessing it. The data is stored forever so you will never lose it.

Permanent, decentralized storage is the only way to preserve data securely, and Bundlr makes it faster, reliable, and easier to use.